Today's Opinions

  • Newseum exhibits remind visitors of journalism's importance

    The little girl stood on her tiptoes staring at the empty, hollow, cutout eyes of a white KKK hood.

    Around it, surrounded in a glass case at the Newseum, placards, documents and photographs detailed the story—in the words and images of journalists—of the Civil Rights Movement in America.

    “Mama,” the little girl asked, turning her head away from the display, “do they still kill people just because they’re black?”

    Her mother looked down and back up at the historical items on display.

  • Superstreets help if drivers know what they're doing

    The N.C. Department of Transportation has some money tucked away in its coffers, although we don’t seem to see it in action much around here.

    Two of the newest road improvements are the new superstreet designs at the busy intersections of U.S. 17 and Mount Pisgah and Ocean Isle Beach roads. If you can’t remember where you’ve heard the term superstreet before—think the year-old intersections on U.S. 17 in Leland.

    Apparently no one, not even DOT, could argue these busy intersections didn’t need major improvements.

  • Nation's sluggish economy reminds us to think of others

    The smell was burning my nostrils as I waited for the pump to cut off. I watched as the meter passed $30, then $40, and finally $50. At $52 it stopped.

    My receipt printed, and I could be on my way—for another four days at least. Then I would be back to the dreaded pump, watching my as my money rushed out of my bank account and into my gas tank.

  • What should we name the proposed new school in the Cedar Grove community?

    Perhaps it would be wise to do research before naming the new middle school in the Cedar Grove community. Once a school is named, it is open to scrutiny as to why the name was chosen. Surrounding counties are research-savvy when it comes to Brunswick County, and some of their recent findings have not been positive.

    Schools in Brunswick County have received stinging press reviews, which include poor test scores and several inappropriate teacher/student relationship allegations.

  • Readers weigh in on beach canopy ban

    In reference to Stephen Moss’s letter: “Canopy rule not a sensible solution.” Your letter brought out some laughter in me, with all the melodrama you stated.

    I typically don’t take the time to unleash the facts to people; however, your letter did strike a chord, so today you’re the winner.

  • Agrees with canopy opinion

    To the editor: I am a year-round resident of Ocean Isle Beach, and I could not agree with Stephen A. Moss's letter to the editor more.

    I don’t rent my home, but I have friends and family who visit me and rent nearby houses for our family to be together. We have the young and the old—from 8 months to 80 years. We have the sick and the hearty.

  • Why not have both types of parks?

    To the editor: Recently, a letter to the editor titled, “Kids need a park more than dogs,” was printed in the Beacon.

    I agree with V. Ryan Lauzon that we need a park for kids to ride bikes and skateboard, but why does it have to be one or the other?

    Why do you feel dog owners in Brunswick County don’t deserve a park, too?

    Our parks and recreation department needs to address the needs of all county residents. Yes, we have beautiful parks, and new parks are in the works all the time in Brunswick County.

  • Skateboard park still needed

    Skateboard park still needed

    To the editor:

    There is still no place to skate in town. Skateboarding uses no gas or oil.

    It’s a shame our youth must go to and from Wilmington or Myrtle Beach, S.C., in a time when our nation is severely suffering from high gas prices, just so they can enjoy their passion of skateboarding.

    The Associated Press reported on June 17, Portland, Ore., lifted its ban on skateboarding due to high gas prices so everyone can commute to work with an alternate means of transportation—the skateboard.